EDI document types

Where can I download a new template / schema for a V4060 X12 EDI document type. I need the following docs 810 816 820 850 852 856 864 997. We are using webMethods 6.0.1 and TN.

Thank you

A quick scan of the advantage website offered no template download for 6.01. All the templates available are found under the EDIforTN Home in the Administrator browser. I would contact webMethods and ask if those template are available, if not, the SEF file should be available on the web.

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did you get the doc types for 4060. If not see the knowledge base under advantage and look at the fixes. It’s there.


I looked into the Advantage location which you have specified for EDI 4060 standards,but couldnt able to figure out which fix should we have to apply.we are using EDI modules (4.6).

I have seen only for
WmEDI_4-6_Fix10 [16-May-2003]: Will support ANSIX12 version 4030, 4040, and 4050. Note: This fix requires service pack WmEDI_4-6_SP1…

What is the exact fix we should to get those 4060 doctypes to downloading of schemas.

Pls help us on this,its litt big urgent.


see the Estandards section under the Knowledgebase for Known Issues with EDI Module 6.0.1

WmEDIforTN_6-0-1_Fix9 [4-Aug-2003]: Add X12 version 4060 support…
WmEDI_6-0-1_Fix10 [4-Aug-2003]: Add X12 version 4060 support…


yes i have already seen those for 6.01,but we need for 4.6 implementation,which we may have to follow up on this with wM support.

Thanks for your quick response.

4060 is not officially supported by wm but they created those fixes for us under 6.01. If you need them you will need to put in a request to tech support to get them created for 4.6.
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Thanks Chris,

we will try this option too or will upgrade EDI integrations to 6.01