EDI Document Type definitions

How do I get a “Document Type” or record definition that matches my EDI document stucture in wM 6.0.1?

Specifically I am using X12 v3020 856…I see the WmSamples has a record definition for the EDI format used there but it doesn’t explain how to generate it…

I have already generated the schema and dictionary from the SEF…but I need a document type definition to proceed with mapping…

I am sure this is simple and I feel silly asking but I just can’t figure it out…

You used to be able to download XML schema files (.xsd) for this. You’d import them to create the record definition (document definition). I don’t see where we can download those anymore. Perhaps they are part of the universal installer now?


I don’t have 6.0 in front of me at the moment, so I’m doing this from memory. I believe in the Schema, on the tab that shows you all the segments, there is an icon near the top that allows you to generate the document type. Hope this helps.


Are you trying to create a FlatFile or else using X12 3020 standard documents?I was bit confused about your problem.

If you loaded the EDI schemas correctly you should see the EDIFFSchema folder as a root folder within the wmEDIForTN pkg. This is the correct location. The documentation inadvertently states that it should be located under wm.b2b.editn. Your particular schema should be located at EDIFFSchema.X12.V3020:T856
Highlight your schema. Then select the Flat File Structure tab. The last icon on the right is the Create Document.

The reason you can’f find it is because it’s missing from the documentation.


Thanks Michelle and Chris…

That was the missing button I could not find…