EDI 820 4010 SchemaDTD

Where can I find an EDI 820 (4010) schema/dtd to create a webmethods record. I am trying to covert a Proprietary xml file to a 820 record/flatfile
Thanks much

Hope you are using IS6.01 server.

You can install the EDI Document type 4010 820 from the
WmEDIforTN home page in the ISAdminBrowser/Package/ Management.

This will install EDI 4010 820 DocumentType in TN and will create Schema,Dictionary in the developer.So open Package WmEDIforTN/EDIFFSchemaEDIFFSchema.X12.V4010:T820(Schema),Click on the T820 and there is an Icon under the FlatFileStructure tab, for (CreateDocumentType) which will give you the T820DT (webMethods record structure).

Its pretty straight forward.


For installing EDI document types

In IS6.01 Admin webpage under Solutions tab, just click the EDI link
a new page will popup in that search for a link (Install EDI Doc Types),this will accomplish your problem

Thanks much for your response. This was easy I also found creating 820 Document using SEF file and the createW3XMLSchema service in wm.edi. But your approach is recommended and much easier…
Now after I have mapped my data to this 820 from the xml, what would be best way to write it out as flat file with correct record/segments lengths… is there any wm built-in service to do this or do i have to use the padding service to first pad each element for correct length and then write as the flat file.
Thanks again…