How To Create A New EDI FF Schema From An Existing X12 4010 Dictionary

I’ve got several EDI flat file schemas in the EDIFFSchema.X12.V4010 folder under my WmEDIforTN package: 850, 860, 820, 997, 855, and 856.

I need to generate new FF schemas for 940, 945, and 527, but I can’t for the life of me remember how to do it.

Can anyone shed some light for a poor, ignorant noob?

Thanks - MOD

Sorry, I’m a bozo. It’s on page 104 of my EDI Users Guide PDF. You install the EDI doc type using the server admin of TN, and the FF schema is added to EDIFFSchema for you automagically.



Glad you have found it,…

Very kind of you to put it this way. It’d be just as easy to say RTFM - “Read The Fine Manual”. :wink:

Thanks - MOD