Schema creation by using .SEF file 4010 version.

Hi all,

I am new for the webMethods EDI implementation.

I am trying to create a schema by using the sef file which is available in edi package. I used 4010 version sef file. To process this i used wm.b2b.edi.SEFParse service. I given all the required inputs like below
I created empty schema and dictionary to use the name in the following inputs.
url : http://localhost:5555/webMethods6/IntegrationServer/packages/WmEDI/pub/SEFS/X12/4010.sef

method: get
seffilename: c://webMethods6/IntegrationServer/packages/WmEDI/pub/SEFS/X12/4010.sef

EDIDocName: Learning.Edi.X12.V4010.Schema:purchseOrderDT

version: 4010

Schema: Learning.Edi.X12.V4010.Schema:purchseOrder
targetPackage: Learning.Edi.X12.V4010.Schema
targetDictionary: Learning.Edi.X12.V4010.Dictionary:purchaseOrder

Whiel running i am getting the below error information.

[FFP.0000.0002] Transaction set not defined: Learning.Edi.X12.V4010.Schema:purchseOrderDT

Could any one please help me out in this problem.

Thanks in advance.


You can also login into ISAdminConsole and click on EDI link or go
http://localhost:5555/WmEDI homepage directly and look for Install EDI DocumentTypes and select X12 4010 850 document type and this automatically install dictionary/schema(create documenttype 850DT there is a button in the FFSchemaDefinition page)…


Error says transaction set not defined,can you try using “850” instead of purchaseOrderDT?

RMG,to my understanding WmEDI package creates the TN Document types.let me know your thoughts!