Structure of Flat file

Hi Guys,

I have experienced in GXS but beginner for webmethods. Now I have started working on Webmethods EDI. The method of defining the flat file structure at page 36 in Flatfilescheme doc. I just need to know that this is the only way to create the flat file schema or any other way is there.

Yes follow that way and start with creating Dictionaries/Schema (via FlatFileDefinition tab) and build a document type (flat file structure0 from the FFSchema editor…

This is based on the WmFlatFile Adapter package and this contains all the services for parsing/processing of flatfiles in the webMethods IS.


Thanks :). I will follow that.
I have seen this comment reg. EDI "[FONT=PalatinoLinotype][SIZE=2][FONT=PalatinoLinotype][SIZE=2]

For more information, see the [/size][/font][/SIZE][/FONT][I][FONT=PalatinoLinotype,Italic][SIZE=2][FONT=PalatinoLinotype,Italic][SIZE=2]webMethods EDI Module User’s

Guide" in FLat file doc. But I didn’t find EDI module doc in my webmethods help. If you have then could you please send me EDI module doc. My email id is

Login to wM advantage site…

In the homepage, you can find a Bookshelf icon… All documents related to webMethods can be downloaded from there…