EDI to FlatFile error while writing into a flat file

I am getting EDi and i need to write into a flat file(fixed length) . I have created a flat file dictionary and schema from that with recordWithNoID record name and gave references to fields.
Flat file is created but in convertToString service output string, i am getting recordWithNoID along with given input values in the flat file .
Is there any problem with Flat file schema? I tried by giving record reference also instead of giving field reference but did not work .
can anyone come up with a solution? I need immediate response.

Reference to the above message
The flat file is coming up with this error-
first 14 characters are overlapped by recordWithNoID and then i am getting all the rest in a string format correctly
anyone can throw light on it?

Seems like your record position is still set to 0. On Flat File Definition tab change the Start at Position of the Record Identifier at the bottom of the screen.
You may also have to adjust the position within the within the schema


So do i need to move the position from 0 to 14?( recordWithNoID is occupying) when i create flat file? but can you let me know why does recordWithNoID appear in the flat file? Does it come up while creating a flat file everytime?
In another mapping, convertToString is throwing Null pointer Exception when schema is given to it .I have checked the values they r present in the pipeline .Could not find out where the problem is with flat file.

see this post where I previously posted the solution
Let us know if this fixes the problem

Got it. Thanks.

Can you share your experiances with EDIFACT (inbound DELJIT message) if you have any ?

Can you be more specific?

UN/EDIFACT inbound processing ( DELJIT message which is eqivalent to EDI 862 ) I am looking for guidence in processing that message using webmethods built-in services? I need to send it to TN also .

hi professionals,
i am new to webmethods
can u all help me out with steps of how to convert EDI to Flat FIle

EDI files are flat files, right? What is it that you need to do with your EDI file? I assume you want to parse the EDI file into its various record types, do something with those records and then write something out as another flat file, but with a different format from the original EDI document.

You really need to read the documentation and to work through the samples and any available tutorials. The WM Users discussion forums are not meant to take the place of those things.

We’re all happy to help you answer specific questions that you may have.


Please also see the wmEDISamples package for excellent examples.