Creating new document type in wm 6.1


We would like to create a new document type (invoic810) in wm developper and TN.
we began by trying to create a flat file from a sef file (4010.sef)
we created the scchema and the dictionary in WmEDIforTN/EDIFFSchema from wm home page (open the EDI Module home page and click on install TN Document types)

when we tried to run the service “create TemplateFromSEF”, we got the following message :
Could not run ‘6createTemplateFromSEF’.

com.wm.ff.parse.StorageException: [FFP.0000.0026] Unable to find Flat File Dictionary: WmEDIforTN.EDIFFSchema.X12.V4010.Dictionary

PS : below, the inputs of the service :
SefFileName d:\wM61\IntegrationServer\packages\WmEDI\pub\SEFS\X12\4010.sef
TransactionName :810

TargetSchema :WmEDIforTN.EDIFFSchema.X12.V4010.810
TargetPackage :test
TargeDictionary :WmEDIforTN.EDIFFSchema.X12.V4010.Dictionary
OverwriteDictionary : True

Thank you in advance for any suggestion!


If you successfully created the dictionary and schema using the EDI for TN admin pages, why are you running createTemplateFromSEF?

WmEDIforTN.EDIFFSchema.X12.V4010.Dictionary should be
WmEDIforTN.EDIFFSchema.X12.V4010:Dictionary (note the colon instead of the period)


Thank u very much for ur answer, but how can we have the new document structure in wm developper?

Thank you !

Refer to the documentation for specifics (“Creating an IS Document Type for a Transaction”). Basically, you open the schema of interest, such as the T810. Click the Flat File Structure tab. Click the Create Document Type icon.


Thank u very much for your help, it’s was useful.