EDI mapping using Webmethods Designer

Dear Team,

I am new to webMethods Designer EDI Mapping part, where earlier I had worked on another EDI mapping tool.(IBM WTX)

I would like to know if there is any one who can provide EDI mapping knowledge step by step using webMethods Designer.

Also, if there is any training available to learn webMethods as a Developer for EDI specific files. My focus is to know end to end mapping procedure starting from basic like input and output template loading, mapping, Where and how to write the looping logic, what inbuilt services can be used and should be used and until it create an output as text file…

Am am currently not looking to learn the deployment part.

My question might sound confusing for some, as I mentioned am new to webMethods. Please help

First of all Welcome to webMethods world of magic :slight_smile: thumbs up!

Yes there should be some basic training available on the SAG Education Services website and did you check there? Browse in

Also regarding the webMethods EDI documentation here is the site → http://techcommunity.softwareag.com/ecosystem/documentation and mainly look for webMethods link and then browse to eStandards Modules page and mainly for webMethods Module for EDI (all in here) → This should give you a pretty good start with Concepts and mapping.

Do the same browsing for the Designer version Designer 9.12 and select the Service Development Help.pdf (mapper and UI)



Thank you, I got the material… time to study now :slight_smile:

Hi All, though one more query I have… How can I set the item property from mandatory to optional. For example, my input is X12 and I want to make DTM 01 item as optional to process. Ideally in previous tool we set the Item property from 1:1 to 0:1 which means minimum 0 and max 1 makes it optional… Is there any settings in webMethods