Basic Mapping using webMethods


I have been working in Gentran Integration Suite (GIS) for EDI mappings. Now our project wants to migrate to webMethods. I am very new to this technology and installed the WM in the system. I have some idea in WM Developer.

I want to know how we can translate a simple 850 x12 inbound file using a corresponding map in WM. Basically, i need to know the following things.

  1. How can we create a map in WM corresponding to that we have in GIS
  2. How can we translate the input file using that map
  3. How can we get the translated output.

I went through a lot of documents. But nothing helps from the scratch. It would be great and appreciable if anybody can share the knowledge in a bit detail and simple language or provide me a very good document which is really helpful for a beginner.


What you want to is quite doable but can have a steep learning curve.
You can not equate development in GIS to development in wm.

Get some training.
Read the docs.
Look at the Samples provided in sample packages.
Search this group as the topic has been discussed many many times.


I believe your webMethods IS environment installed EDI Module that includes WmEDI,WmEDIForTN,WmEDISamples packages.

As a starter please look into the WmEDISamples package and look under the Tutorial folder (EDIToXML and XMLToEDI it explains in detail for 850 mapping flows) and also sampleServices folder(X12ToValues)mapping.

Regarding webMethods EDI documentation look inthe webMethods Server file system path is (packages/WmEDI/doc you will see the PDF’s here).

Please use the search functionality provided in this site regarding webMethods EDI world stuff,you will find many clues.


Thanks Chris and RMG!!

i will try to explore these packages.



I was trying to test an 850 map in WM. I downloaded X12 850 doc from admin console, created a processing rule in which I selected the document type as X12 4010 850 and in action, gave the 850 map service and then clicked OK. Before that, i had sent an 850 document through admin console also. I would like to know where can i get the output of this map.

For debugging, i had added two services viz. savePipelineToFile and restorePipelineFromFile. Can anyone tell me the procedure to get the output and check it?

Thanks in advance,


Once you route EDI 850 to TradingNetowrks,the processingRule will be triggerg depends on the SenderID/Receiver/DocumentType and this rule will process to a flowservice this service input should be bizdoc( will be in the pipeline along with editn_ts,edidata.So extract the X12 850 content from either of these variables or use bizdoc/Content(bytes) and invoke a service bytesToString output is 850 string.

For debugging as a first step invoke savePipelineToFile and later restorePipelineToFile and make sure that bizdoc,editn variables exists in the pipeline.

Please use the search functionality in this site,since lot of times this basic procedure has been discussed,this saves your time too…