webMethods EDI Features

Hi everyone

I’m new to the forum and have a question maybe someone could shed some light on.

I’m looking to find the key features of webMethods, currently I am using Gentran and heading for a migration and need to know what the key features of the product are over GIS.

any information would be great



There are numerous features in wM EDIModule…if you read the webMethodsEDIModuleUserguide then you can understand the key features vs GIS EDI development since are already have expertise on GIS/EDI side.

You can dowload the EDI tutorials from Advantage.webmethods.com site and look under BookShelf section.


We are in the process of converting from Gentran/Mainframe to webMethods. We look into GIS and found that it did not meet all of our B2B needs. The webMethods mapping is easier to us than the mainframe product. Which allows us to be more flexable to the partner needs.


Thanks for the update Jeff…Good to know that wM makes eases in your solution…Also EDI any-any mapping,pipeline debugging,document management,tracking/reconciliation prospects are robust in wM.Most of the wM EDI techincal issues,basics etc… were discussed in various threads of this section in the forum,pls use the search functionality for a quick check.