webmethods vs GIS

When compared to GIS, how good is the EDI module in webmethods? I am debating between GIS and webmethods. From my initial research, both seem to have the functionality that I am looking for, however, in webmethods most of the traditional EDI functionalities like archival, reconciliation report have to be built using services, and in GIS, most of these are available as built-in functionalities.

“archival, reconciliation report have to be built using services”

Even wM takes care of these things using TradingNetworks (TN) component product that does archival in DB and reconciliation/reporting is also handled via builtin services of wM just we need to create some custom services in case there is more customization required.

Other functionalities includes user friendly EDI segment mapping/business rules,Pipeline management visibility helps tracing/debugging,EDI flatfile Schemas/Dictionaries customization but Gentran Server for NT,GIS lacks this visibility/customization process.I have worked on Gentran AI Mapper/ExtendedRules and telling this…

Just my 2 cents…