Need an Advice

My company will put me in a team doing EDI using Webmethods very soon.
Though I know that Webmethods is a very hot technology these days used for EAI but I’m not sure how much exposure I’ll get working in Webmethods for only EDI related activities. I would eventually like to make my career in EAI but I have no idea whether Webmethods EDI will be the right thing to begin.
Can you be kind enough to tell me the career prospects if i work in EDI using Webmethods. Also, let me know what additional things I should learn in order to brighten my prospects.

Thanks in advance.


Welcome To WmUSers!!!

EDI with webMethods is one of the hot job in the market…dont worry its a good start for you…also you have to learn EDI basics,segment mapping in webMethods IS.

BTW…WebMethods (is not a product its a company)Integration Server(IS)
is the product by them…Basically EDI with webMethods is an add-on component of IS which IS will host this component known as WmEDIModule (Adapter).

For all webmethods components related documentation,go to this website

For getting basic EDI knowledge go to this website

Search this forum for all webMethods EDI related issues,you will surprise with many posts.