Webmethods interview questions

I am new to webMethods .Please give me information about webmethods interview questions. i wanted to prepare and face the interviews in webMethods.Basically i was Java developer.
If any body provide this it will greatfully them

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Vijaya Kumar T


I am also looking for the same. I am working on webMethod Developer (XPI integration suite). Let me know which tools and techniques of webMethod you are working with.

If you want to discuss anything then you can mail me a
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Lists of interview questions are a poor substitute for actually learning the product.

Any decent hiring manager or even a good technical screener will spot canned interview responses easily and flush those candidates.

If you want to learn how to become a webMethods Integration Server developer spend the time to actually learn the product first. Find and download the Developer 4.6 Tutorial on Advantage.

The tutorial PDF can be found on Advantage under Bookshelf->Product Documentation->Developer->Developer 4.6

AFTER logging into Advantage the following link may take you directly to the PDF download: http://advantagebv.webmethods.com/bookshelf/Integration_Server/Integration_Server_v_4_6/Developer_Tutorial_v_4_6.pdf

Work through this tutorial with the Developer User’s Guide and Built-In Services Guide at your side until you understand what you are doing. Then learn the JDBC Adapter and publish-subscribe development features using the docs in the /IntegrationServer/Packages/WmJDBCAdapter/docs folder and /Developer/docs/guides folder repsectively.

If you want to be successful as a webMethods developer as in every other area of life, invest the time it takes to become a well trained professional.

No get-rich-quick, lazy approach will yield the type of long term success that you are really seeking.


Nice Reply Mark.

One should not hesitate in putting efforts, to learn (at least) …
what i believe is no good hiring mgr will ever give importance to only certifications, it’s the acquired skills (knowledge) that matters …

Puneet Saxena


I agreed to your point. Right now I am working on Developer and Integration server 6.01.

The site you specified, I tried to register but not able to get an account to login. If you have login credentials then please allow me to use those. I am very much eger to learn webMethods.



Unfortunately, you have to work for a webMethods customer or consultingpartner in order to accdss Advantage. Certified webMethods consultants can also register.

It is against the Advantage terms of service to share login credentials.



When you register in Advantage,you try to give your business emailid or if you are a certified webMethods developer then after a while you should receive a/c details from Advantage for activation.

You should not use any free emails like yahoo/msn/gmail etc…for registering.


RMG and Mark,

It was mentioned on registration form that not to use free emails. I am not using my yahoo id instead I have mentioned my ‘otis’ email id.

But I am not getting what should I write in the text box “webMethods Contact”.
Currently, we 've installed IS and Developer to integrate ASP/ASP.NET project data with JDE OW. XPI Foundation setup has been provided by Peoplesoft to Otis ISRC Pvt Ltd.

Mark, I can understand voilation of service terms. But in order to learn webMethod what should I do. Basically, I have aquired knowledge of XPI and webMethod Developer on self-learning. I made use of Developer Help and few pdfs available in Foundation installation. But now I want to learn more and advanced topics. So please advise me and provide me options to grow.

You can also communicate with me at my personal email id - paras.halingale at otis.com.


webMethods contact is normally the name of your webMethods regional sales manager (RSM). I’m not sure whether Advantage is available for XPI customers, you might call WM and ask to speak with someone from the Advantage group.



I totally understand your intention to learn more on WM.Please email or call WM support (request for Advantage access for PSFT XPI customers) if they can help you getting access.



totally agreed, guys!


I am eager to learn web method EDI mapping.I installed WMEDI,WMEDIINT packages.if some one has mapping specification(as example) for EDI mapping.Could u share with me.I am well familiar with VAN,developer,TN etc.

apart from above pakcages,also browse the WmEDISamples package also,it has sample Inbound/Outbound map services/basic utilities etc…

FYI…The mapping specifications in general (MRS,source/target mappings) are specific to clients requirements and can’t be shared sorry!..You can try to google it in case.


Hi Mark!
I followed the link advantage link given by you. But I could not find any documentation for 4.6 version. Oldest one was for 6.01 version. If you have that pdf could you please email it to me at ankitcharles@gmail.com.

With regards,
Ankit Charles

Why are you still looking for old 4.6 version?..Those must have removed from Advantage site pretty old right:

Are you not interested with 6.x/7.x/8.x docs?

I already have docs for higher versions. Since I am not just much into webmethods and you only suggested in this post to get 4.6 version to start with wm. I thought may be it would be a good source for beginning wm development. Thanks for replying back.
with regards.
Ankit Charles

Actually 6.x would be good start with and further up IS enhancemnts (7.x/8.x)


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