Editor for webmethods

Hi All,
In webMethods is there any need to work in any other editor for any work like mapping, sending or receiving the files? If yes then for which type of work?

there is no need of any external editors to work on webMethods.
You can use eclipse to work with java services if you wish to, but the IS should be a local instance.


For developing mapping/build logic/processing services you need use webMethods Developer (IED) tool out of box.

Did i answered your question ?


Thanks. I suppose yr reply is very nearer.My queries also belongs to EDI mapping like flat-flat, flat-EDI & vice versa.
For more clarity I have more queries as below:
for eg.if my case is flat to flat.then
first I have create the flat file schema for source 7 target then for mapping what I need to do?

  1. I need to do mapping by using webMethods developer?
    if yes then it means I have to create flow service & then by using map,loop,repeat…
    if no then which external editor I have to use?

Yes… You have to create flow services for doing transformation, and in pipeline, you have to map according to the branch/loop/repeat logic whatever you implement… Developer is used to build all these logics… Nothing to do with external tools…


Hi Senthil,
Thanks for confirmation. Actually I am new in webMethods but I have experienced in GXS-AI.
Could you please advice on below query.

Is companies are using webMethods for EDI mapping (for eg. Flat to Flat, Flat to EDI, EDI to Flat, XML to XML & etc…)

If yes then upto what level (at small or medium or large scale) they are using?

Can you clarify how you define small, medium or large? One person’s large scale may be someone else’s small scale.

With wM Developery tool almost all any-any format transformations/mapping/condition logics etc…can be done…It’s the same editor like any EDI mapper tool does and to name few:

webMethods Developer – already you know
Gentran AI/GIS Sterling Integrator(MapEditor)
GXS-AI-- already you know
Contivo Analyst (Mapping/transformation)
XSLT for EDI/XML/IDOC mappings (Stylus Studio)


Hi Reamon,
I just need to know that the companies having webMethods, are they using this tool as EDI mapping also or only for connectivity.

I know that webMethods is a very wast tool. We can develop many types of applications but my queries only related to EDI domain only.


your welcome…

I’ve never experienced anyone using wM tools (webMethods is a brandname that covers many tools) “only for connectivity.” The primary appeal of Integration Server is in its ability to quickly map documents from one form to another. The majority of the contract projects I’ve worked on were for EDI mapping and transmission.