Can you use Contivo with the webMethods EDI?

Please advise,

Thank you.

What precisely are you looking to have Contivo do? There are undoubtedly ways to leverage Contivo facilities from within Integration Server and how to do so will depend on which Contivo components you want to leverage. For example, since Analyst is a design-time tool and can generate XSLT, you might take that XSLT and host it within IS to be used by your integrations.

Can you elaborate more on your requirement?? Are you trying to leverage translate EDI documents to XML/flatfiles via webMethods IS/EDI to/from Contivio??

You can use EDI-XML/flatfile translations and send it over to Continvo via transports…Contivo tool can hanle communications via Http/FTP/smtp etc…


We are using Contivo for mapping Idocs to EDI. I am not familier with Contivo & webMethods relationship. What Contivo will be generating and how we have to use that in webMethods.
Can anyone help me in this regard.

Do you want to use both tools Contivo & webMethods EDIModule simultaneously?? well both are capable to generate mapping IDOC to EDI and viceversa and can process it to the target systems…

Please elaborate more about your requirement and why you want to use both the suites…So are you guys utillizing contivo just for mapping purpose??

Once the EDI doc is created in the contivo you can write the file to the filesystem or ftp to webMethods IS and extract the edidata and process it to TN for deliverying to the destination.

Please review the webMethods EDIModule userguide,TNUserguide for more info on processing the documents.


Thanks for your reply…
We will be using Contivo for mapping purpose only. We will be sending Idocs to contivo and will do mapping there. Contivo will send Java transformation file to webMethods.
Here i am not clear whether we need SAP apapter or not and do we need any additional broker/adapter to connect Contivo to webMethods…?

once we get the Java tranformed file from Contivo can we proceed with normal proceedure?


What is the format of the Java transformed file…is it looks like EDI file? I dont think you need SAP Adapter as continvo is handling receving/sending IDOC/statuses aswell…

It’s all depends on your need of broker/another adapter…But you might need EDIModule (EDI Adapter),Trading Networks (for docment tracking/visibility)…for further EDI enveloping/transformation etc…

Options you have is either contivo can ftp those files to webMethods or place in a shared/network folder and using IS file poller mechanism webMethdos can collect and process the files for EDI transmissions.


Hi! I am looking for other Contivo users!
(I understand that the installed customer client base is still small?)

I am EDI programmer at Domtar Inc. where we implemented Contivo mapper within webMethods for B2B/EDI during 2008.

Early in 2008, the Contivo product was acquired by Liaison (
so now we have a new vendor in Atlanta for this software product.

Unlike competing mapping tools which include the EDI communications server middleware (Gentran/GIS, webMethods/Flow, IBM Websphere WDI, Mercator/WTX, GXS/AI, …) Contivo is strictly a translator which requires a middleware host server (such as webMethods).

The translator consists of 2 parts:

  1. the source code DB server
  2. the WinPC client

It primary claim-to-fame is its Dictionary of data element Business aliases.
Once the aliases are defined; they can be matched to a transaction format template and auto-generate 95% of the data transform logic (obviously any IF/else logic must be manually added).

The result of the PC based transform logic compile is a JAVA package (both JAVA source and classfile). The Classfile is installed into webMethods as a called routine/object in place of a webMethods/FLO map. All other webMethods TN/Broker/IS logic continues to be required for routing/processing of transaction data flow. The Contivo generated JAVA package simply performs the data transformation from inbound to outbound template formats (flatfile, X12, XML, IDOC, etc); a 1-to-1 template mapping.

I am interested in forming a Contivo User Group;
both for exchanging tips-n-tricks,
and for increased negotiating power for those times when the Helpdesk responds: “failing as designed - case closed!”.
Any interested parties???


Thanks for chimming in with your valuable comments here…Its very clear now that how Contivo(mapper tool) interacts with in wM/IS perspective…

I believe with Contivo not just a mapper but also performs EAI/transport/processing logic also??

BTW,what do you feel more userfriendly Contivo mapper(Java package/files-coding) vs wM Developer??

I know Liaison (a formerly ForrestExpress-- wM EDI/CIDX/papiNet customer) Atlanta firm…


Any body can provide some feedback on their experience in regards to pros & cons of using Contivo instead of wM for transformation mapping when using a wM infrastructure ? We use it for EDI mapping on one major project but are trying to decide where to go for normalization perspective



What does one mean by “normalize”?
Here we had a similar question asked: “What would it take to replace the Contivo code written by the Project contractors with WM-Flow code?”
And the answer: Basically equal (or greater) manpower as the original Mapping portion of the original project. So why would an organization desire to expend the effort?

Perhaps if the vendor were dropping support?
However, in this case the new vendor (Liaison) has been investing in enhancements, has recently announced an upgrade release and has plans for a major version enhancement in the (near?) future.

Perhaps if Contivo were difficult to use?
New maps can be developed in Contivo in a fraction of the time required for WM-Flow; and our non-programmer business analysts can actually understand the code and contribute directly to development, debugging, and support.
Additionally Contivo developer runs standalone on a PC with much smaller footprint than attempting the same with WM.

Overall, the same justifications that supported the usage of Contivo in the earlier projects justify its continued usage.

I would say prefer go with wMDeveloper-Flow mapping and life becomes easier to manage all the maps/configs in one place rather than external tool.

Ofcourse few good stuff with Contivo Analyst is checkin/checkout,repository,analyst friendly,UI (straight links source-target when ever no complex mapping involved etc…)


Thank you all for your response. I will read your response in detail and post more questions if I have any.