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HI, New EDI Freight project came up as a part of it we are trying to implement through webMethods.We just received sample EDI from one of the customer and they are using EDI X12 210 Transaction Set 210 is used by the motor carrier industry to provide an itemized detail of freight charges to parties relevant to the shipment. I am Just wondering how to start with. Is there is a way I mean to map to the standard x12 810 in webMethods? Any Ideas will be really helpful.Could you please advise. Thanks in advance, Capri_lak.

EDI 210 (Motor Carrier) is used differently than 810 (purchased materials/Items PO invoicing).So you should create a different canonical/standard document depending on source/target you are mapping to.


Hi RMG, Thank you very much for your response. I will definitely work in that direction. thanks, Capri_Lak.

Hi, Actually, as a part of the freight EDI project we were going through the EDI Specs and found the req fields as M-Mandatory, O-optional but there are some segments which are displayed as X,X/Z…I am just wondering what that type exactly means.If possible is there any list of information available for usage indicators handy?Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Capri_lak

X - indicates Relational

Relational Conditions
Relational conditions may exist between two or more data elements within a segment based on the presence or absence of one of those data elements (presence means a data element must not be empty). Relational conditions are specified by a condition code and the identity of the subject elements.

Within a segment, the existence of a relational condition is indicated by the designator ‘X’ in the attributes column and is displayed under the heading ‘Syntax Notes’. The code is constructed using an uppercase letter (P, R, E, C, or L) followed by the two-digit number of the data element reference designator for each data element included in the relational condition.

Please check this[FONT=Arial] Data Element Requirement Designator:[/font]



HI RMG, Thank you very much for your response. It is really helpful. Thanks, Capri_lak

your welcome

Hi, Currently we are trying to decide on the protocol to receive the EDI 210 document from the customer.we are not using VAN. IF I am not wrong AS2 does require certificates and we also want to avoid that route as much as possible to avoid the maintenance overhead. I think we can also implement SFTP. But we wanted to keep simple as much as possible. So thinking in that aspect,Actually we do have one integration which customer sends XML via HTTPS using username/password.I am just wondering is it acceptable or possible for the customer to send the EDI via HTTPS with username/password? or DO we have to use AS2? Any Help is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Capri_lak

I am just wondering is it acceptable or possible for the customer to send the EDI via HTTPS with username/password? → If they can wrap EDIdata inside a XML wrapper then it works via https post/get.

or DO we have to use AS2\https–> I would also suggest this route and ofcourse self/partner certificates are required over security layer.


Hi RMG, Thank you very much for your response.I will check back with the customer on that regarding wrapping EDI in XML.Also just wondering if we implement SFTP, If I am not wrong it is been provided by a external package,in such cases, if some issues comes Does wewbmethods tech support provide us enough support? if we implement SFTP. Thanks, Capri_lak.

Wrapping the EDI in XML is not necessary. Simply post the EDI doc with the appropriate content type (application/EDIstream) in the HTTP header. It will work just fine.

Rob,Do you think it will work with just by setting Content-Type (application/EDIStream) and passing data/stream via pub.client:http service for EDI docs?

For incoming (calling an IS service) pub.client:http would not be used. The caller would simply HTTP post to the appropriate URL for the gateway service. The IS content handler will put the EDI data in the pipeline as a stream.

For outgoing, pub.client:http can be used, setting the content-type header to application/EDIstream – if the recipient supports that type (I think that’s custom to IS). Or they could post it as text/plain and get the raw text and handle as desired.

It make sense now and we are on same page…ty

Hi RMG, I am just wondering if we go using the AS2 protocol which includes certificates as well, Whenever we install/renew the certificates, Is it Mandatory to restart the server? Because we do have one partner right now which we do AS2, when they renewed their certs we installed them on our end and had to restart to make everything back to normal. So if that is the Case, Moving forward there will be more than 50 customers on the board which restart is kind of performance if we have to restart every time new certs came into picture…Could you please advise. Thanks, Chandra.

Hi, Actually I am just wondering the basic difference between 997 and MDN. I was going through documentation it does said 997 will be sent when we receive the document syntactically validated from customer as not being processed.So Does it really make sense to have 997 and MDN as well? If 997 is being only sent to inform the customer that we recived the document without any validation is it worth to have 997 in place, as if I am not wrong, MDN does the same thing. Could any body advise what and why they are exactly used both technically and functionally. Any help is greatly appreciated, Thanks, Capri_lak

Hi, I am trying to install EDI x12 4030 210 document type from admin console and getting the following error:com.wm.ff.parse.StorageException: [FFP.0015.0003] Cannot save changes to dictionary EDIFFSchema.X12.V4030:Dictionary. Dictionary is not locked. Could anyone please help. Thanks in advance, Capri_lak.

May be it could be due to IS memory issue or something might happened that moment…

If not can you try same install diff timings/server restart and see if the error still persists? or Reload the WmEDIForTN package and try it again. Do you see the doc type got installed in TN even though error occurred?


Hi RMG, Thank you very much for your quick response. Actually the Document type is getting installed on TN even though the error is showing up as I checked it is showing the most recent timestamp. I am going to try out the options you listed and let you know. Thanks, Capri_lak.

ok let us know the outcome…