webmethods for EDI mapping?

Hi All,
Could you please advice on below query.

Is companies are using webmethods for EDI mapping (for eg. Flat to Flat, Flat to EDI, EDI to Flat, XML to XML & etc…)

If yes then upto what level (at small or medium or large scale) they are using?

If no then which mapping tool they are using at large scale.

Hi javed,

Do you want to know whether companies are using EDI files or not for data transmission, if this is your question, than its answer is yes, it depends upon company to company some companies uses EDI files for data transmission and in greater extent and if the compmay has webmethods than they prefer to use it for EDI data mapping.
now types of EDI std used totally depends upon different EDI standard used by end to end companies for communication between them.