Business Connector

Hi Gurus,
Here we have requirement to convert the EDI file into IDOC XML and post in to SAP.

Can any one of you please share on how to convert EDI to XML using Business connector & Similarly converting XML to EDI uisng business conector BC4.6 both Inbound as well outbound

EDI files are 943 & 944 , is there a standard service availble or should we need to handle everything in Java program .

Please help … on the EDI and transformation part …aware on the SAP side


Hi, you have to parse te EDI file and then map each field to a canonical document with the IDOC structure. With the canonical you will can write the IDOC file.

It’s not mandatory need to have Canonical document…If no canonical in your architecture just map EDI to IDOC structure after parsing with EDI Module Services.

Review the webMethods EDI Adapter/SAP BC documentation also.


hi rmg,
can you exchange the service document on the conversion of EDI to XML structure ?


which service document? Are you asking about code or wM documentation?