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I am Using WebMethod6.5 i have to create Xml to FlatFile please suggest me how to create it,

I have xml file how to create a flatfile what the step i have to follow,
Please explain me in brief my Friends.

Welcome to wMUsers. Please use the search function to search here for “flatfile”. You might also find the Flat File Schema Developer’s Guide in \IntegrationServer\Developer\guides to be helpful.


Hi Friends,

Like i have on Xml file it consist of nodes and child node in childnode many child nodesPlease Explain me in detail how to convert Flatfile to Xml.and when ever we get any Xml if we put that xml it has to convert it in to Flatfile.

Welcome to wMUsers.

Go through the documentation my friend and you shall find answers to all your questions.

I think you failed to go through Mark’s answer. Never ignore what amigos like Mark, Rob say. We all listen and learn when they speak. And thats Advice # 1 for newbies!!

saurabhm i now about Documentation i need any case study Ok


2 choices:
search on the forum (wmusers/advantage)
eLearning Course webMethods Using Flat Files

Hi All,

Please let me Now the Difference Between WM6.0 and6.5 in details

How to get help at wMUsers!

There is tons to learn from the community… Just use the search feature!!

Hi Friends,
How to convert Canonical Format(WebMethodsformat) to IDOC,explain me in step by step Procedure Please.


Your question suggests that you are very new to SAP and webMethods products. You will need to get some training on one or both, study the doucmentation, complete a few tutorials and then begin trying your own services.

Your question can not be answerd in a user group discussion forum.


Please tell me the ow to create difference b/w 2 dates, do we have any Built-in-service in WM6.5.
i want the output in Year,month,date,


There is a service of this kind avail in the PSUtilities package,you may check that.


Hi Friends i am new to TN please let me now about the below issue

Write a service to extract a trading network profile. Make updates to the delivery method, protocols, name and address of the company. A secondary protocol needs to be added. The entire changed profile needs to be saved. The changed profile should be available in the TN console.

As with each of the questions you’ve posted in this thread, your journey towards a solution should begin with a review of the webMethods-supplied documentation. Refer to the TN services reference for profile services that you can use.

Welcome to wMUsers!! Mohammed.

As always first please review the webMethodsTradingNetworksUserguide pdf can locate it under TNConsole/docs folder or if you are on latest wM versions then you can download the webMethods Documentation libraries from

If you have installed Developer tool login and see under the WmTN Package services under folder

Also look closely the Trading Networks section of this forum there are lot of threads discussed on basics/technicalities etc…