EDI Flat File and Flat File Schema Migration from WM 46 to 60

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I am doing a migration from WebMethods version 4.6 to version 6.0. I am just wondering are there any conversion tools so I can convert the flat file and its schema from version 4.6 to 6.0? Or do I need to recreate the flat file schema completely, record by record?


Yes this conversion is possible through WmFlatFile package. You have to first create an empty dictionary using createDictionary and then use saveXMLAsFFDictionary service to store dictionary, similarly for the flatfile.

These services are available under pub.flatFile.generate folder of WmFlatFile package



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thanks for quick reply, Ram G.

back to the question, in WmFlatFile package of webMethods 6.0, I do not find any services called createDictionary and saveXMLAsFFDictionary. Under the WmFlatFile package, I can only find pub and wm folders, and under pub.flatFile folder, there are 3 services only : FormatService, convertToString and convertToValues. There are no pub.flatFile.generate folder and thus the following services could not be found.


In addition, I searched all the packages in WM 6.0 under the root and the results are also negative. Currently I am using WM 6.01, are you using a more updated version, e.g. WM 6.1? Or are there things I am missing when I install the EDI modules to WM 6?

I have also followed the instructions in webMethods Integration Platform Upgrade Guide Version 6.0.1 (page 101-102) to convert the
existing templates to flat file schemas. However at the last step of conversion, the Integration Server floated a system error as follows:

Migration Results

Failed: java.lang.Exception: Error determining Segment Delimiter: [FFP.0017.0000] Character location cannot be a negative value

By the way, this result happens to all my EDI templates. For non-EDI documents the results seemed okay.

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The services are available in wM 6.1. I do not have an idea abt these in wM 6.0.



The way to migrate templates from 4.6 to 6.0.1 is covered in the documentation. I can’t remember which guide. There’s also a upgrade guide that might help. I do remember that based on how you have your templates defined that the conversion is not fool proof and I ended up just recreating them as I only had a few.

Check out these links, the first one mentions the a page number in a guide.

thx Sri and Chris.

I read those links before I posted this morning, I don’t think its quite the same case as mine. In fact I have 2 sets of files formats, 1 EDI standard and 1 is non-EDI standard. They are at the same level but located at different folders. The non-EDI ones migrated without any errors.

I have also tried to use wmEDIforTN “installschema” under WmEDIforTN package but failed because my XML schema does not match the preloaded EDIFACT schema.

May someone confirm if those 2 services (createDictionary,
saveXMLAsFFDictionary) are available in 6.1 but not 6.01? Thx.