Flat file in IS 46


In IS v6, there is the package WmFlateFiles to handle flat files.

In 4.6 do something similar exists? If not how can you handle easilly Flat files in 4.6.

Or does Enterprise Server has features to do this?

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Review the WM EDI users guide. Look at the template section of the docs.
Most of the services int he wmEDI package will work on flat files.
WM considers all non xml files EDI files in 4.6

I think the WmEDI package must be purchased separately and may not be included by default in your IS server. I think I remember that there are some significant changes between the flat file handling in the WmEDI package and the new flat file processing capabilities of the 6.0 server, so you may want to consider upgrading first before doing any major FF development in IS 4.6.

Chris can you comment on this?


I’m not sure that it has to be purchased separately as every installation that I worked on had it.

As for upgrading, yes! Do it if you can as 6.01 has many improvements for handling flat files. As wm now distinguishes flat files from EDI files. These improvements includes things like the schema editor for building the structures, this replaces the templates I mentioned earlier. Also the capability to extract info from the flat file doc types definition, something that was reserved previously for XML doc type definitions.

That being said 4.6 can and does handle flat files.


Of course, since you are an EDI-type of guy that makes sense. :wink:

I don’t think my financial services or telecomm clients have had the WmEDI package included in their IS installations, but I could be wrong. I’m sure it depends on what kind of bundle your company purchases.