A question about FlatFile package

Hi all,
I have heard that in IS6.0 which will be newly released there is package named FlatFile package that is used to handle flatfiles that transfer it to xml automatically and vice versa, and the developer only to do is defining the schema in IS with schema editor, well, we are using IS4.6 and we need this package to handle our flatfiles, so can this function be used in IS4.6, if so then how to install and use it?
zhenjie zhao

I don’t know if you can use the new arch adapters in 4.6, but I doubt it.

For flat files in 4.6 you can use the EDI module. It works with flat-file data.

As Rob said, the EDI package can be a big help to you. There are other Built-In Services that you can use, also.

Specifically, what are you trying to accomplish?

You cannot use it for Wm4.6. Some of the underlying stuff has changed in Wm6. So you can use, as Rob said, EDI module.

The 6.0 flat file adapter is not backwards compatible. It contains new objects not present in the 4.6 package.

Rob’s approach is good for beginners because if you need help, support is an email or phone call away.

If you are a superior java programmer then you can design and implement a custom java parser. The java api has plenty to offer in this respect.

I’m not a java expert and prefer to use as much flow as possible. Assuming that the flat file is parsable, here’s what I do:

  1. Make a flow that receives the flat file as a string. I tokenize the flat file by record delimiter and dump the contents into a string array. This should provide each record in the string array.

  2. Loop throught the string array, tokenize each record by the field delimiter (also have a sub loop to handle sub-fields if needed.) You’ll need to instantiate a new record structure to append the field data outside of the loop.

  3. At the end of the loop in number two, append the tokenized pipeline objects to the new record structure.

Hope this helps.


Hi Dan and all,
The task is transform telecom TAP2 format and a lot of other flat files which format like TAP2, so I need a tool can easily tranform it to XML and vice versa without programing just simply config the file schema as said in the FlatFile Adapter user guide, is there any other tools can help?
By the way when will the IS6.0 release to public?