Workflow Timer Control

I have a requirement for a Workflow I am working on, where I need to wait until a specific time every day, say 3pm, before further events can happen. Its the same time every day, all week long.

When I look at the Timer control, and its documentation, I am left unclear as to how to set the date/time.

The obvious way seems to be to use an Assigner, format current day into a variable, and plug that into the timer’s Absolute time. Problem here is with the Assigner. How can I set the specific time? There also doesn’t seem to be a way to set time without setting date as well

Anyone have any ideas for this?

Thank you for your help!

U can set absolute, relative or repeatative time in timer. Link start step of your workflow with the timer and its ‘complete’ output to the start of your events.

Hi Akash,
That is correct, but none of those allow for someone to specify a specific time every day to start. The work-around that seems to work, is to call an IS service to match up the current date with the specific time, then pass that back to a variable to use in the timer.

It was just frustrating to find that the one timer function I was looking for wasn’t built into the Timer control.
Thank you, Jeff