Task - Date / Time event trigger

Hello all,

I have several questions about the Date/Time Event trigger for task as I haven’t found the answer in the doc:

  • What are the acceptable date format for the “choose start date” field (Does a business data string fits? yyyy/MM/dd seems to not work)?
  • Does the support of business calandar works ? (Ex : In my business calander defined in MWS GUI I choose all days without saturday and sunday. Will it works for calculating delay ?)
  • Does the working hours of business day affects the calulate date as I don’t use date/time but date?

Find enclosed a picture of my current set up.


  • The object should be of type java.util.Date.
  • Yes, the business days defined will be incorporated into all calculations
  • If the java.util.Date object is set at midnight, then the calculation should start at the beginning of the next business day.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the information.


Hey Mark

Sorry to be using an old post like this but how do I get an object of type java.util.Date from a service. Right now I’m using the Creation Date as the start date and calculate the number of days until it has to fire (Days After Start Date). Problem here is, when I have a Date/Time event that shouldn’t fire until tomorrow, and I add a new Task where the event should fire today both of them are triggered.

I hope I’m being clear, if not please don’t hesitate to ask.

Kind regards

Hi Kevin

Just a clarifying question.

Are you creating multiple events on the same tasks, with the same base date (Task Creation Date), but different numbers of days/hours/minutes after the base date? And so you’re expecting the events to fire at different times, but whichever is set earlier triggers both?

Hi Rob

Thanks for replying. I have one event on the task that starts on the creation date + variable amount of days calculated by previous service.

If today I queue a task with 3 as the amount of days until it has to start, and after that I queue a task with 0 as the amount of days until the start both of them will get completed. If I don’t queue the second one the first task will wait 3 days until it completes itself.

Hope I’m being clear?

Kind regards