How to create a timer for the Task?


My requirement is as follows. The invoice document have a field called “age” which is nothing but the amount of date from when it was created. Upon publising the task, the initializer should check for the age, and based on the value of age, it should set the priority.

Also, there should be a timer which should run for every day (every 24 hours) and check the age of the invoice. For example, if the age > 10 then the priority should be increased automatically (should be a background process). So that, when the user logins again next day, he/she can see the task with updated priority.

I believe, there is something called “Timer” in 6.5 WF. Does 7.X have something similar to this?

Please share your thoughts with me, Appreciate in advance.

You don’t need a timer. Just use the EVENTs in the task. There is an event based on time.

So just create a new event and use your date field as criteria and then change the priority.

This is the best way as doesn’t involve any code.


I have looked at the Events with date fields. I can’t see an option to repeat an action for “x” number of hours/ mins/secs.

It has start date/time/sec, where can we set it to repeat the action?

Any clue will be greatly appreicated. Thanks in advance


You don’t need a timer.

You have to create an EVENT of type DATE/TIME EVENT

In the choose start date you select the field TASK INFO->Creation Date
then you set the offset 10 hours (for example)

This will trigger the event 10 hours after the creation date of the invoice

In the Event Actions you setup the event Set Task Priority to …

That will do what you want.
Also you can create your own fields as base for the event (for example I have a field due date that comes with my INPUT and I use this field as a base to rise the priority)

Good luck!

Hi Edgardo,

I think, you have not got my question.

I know we can use the offset to trigger an action after “n” number of hours.

My question is, how can we use the Date/Tiem with offset to trigger an action for every “n” number of hourse.

Say for example: I need the event to trigger an action every day at 10am.

The example you said will trigger an action once after 10 hours after the creation of the invoice.

Hope you got my query now.

This is how you do it:

  1. Have some datetime business data field, for example “checkAgeDateTime”
  2. Initialize this field in the “Queued” event to set the start datetime for your event
  3. Have Date/Time event to trigger when reaching “checkAgeDateTime” in the action of this event check your age and set priority accordingly
  4. Update “checkAgeTime” to advance 10 hours (or whatever). This will trigger event again when “checkAgeTime” is reached.