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How can settling the ACL, User Manager and User Groups for manage the task asigning.

Where i can found documentation about that?

Hi, are you talking about MWS right? a BPM task?

i trying to develop a process in wich each task is asigned to a user, then, if the expiration date y done, this task automatic asigned to the user supervisor. In other words, an auto scaling.

How can manage or define the level permissions or what ever.???

You have to make a task in the designer, previously be shure you have a database with a table where the users and their levels are there, in the task you can set the expiration time.

Send me a private message and I’ll can send to you an example tomorow. I’m working now and it take some times.
See the attach. I think you need something like that; there Revisar Condiciones de Póliza" is a task.

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