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I have one question, is it possible to share an inbox for 2 tasks in different processes?. If anyone knows please comment as implemented.?

Can you explain what “inbox” you are referring to?

What platform and version are you operating from? If you are using more than just Natural, please describe the other software that is involved and how you want them to work together.

I clarify questions regarding my inbox and I appreciate the response.
When creating a task, this is associated with an inbox for later implementation. I have two processes, where the first task of both, have
similar characteristics in which I associate with only one Inbox and not two as is being created now. That’s why my office, getting two tasks of different processes are associated with only one Inbox. Image Assistant
the portal, and what is required to perform with inboxes.
Deputy description WM version and platform

Descripcion_WmRoot_server-environment.pdf (39.3 KB)
Descripcion_webmAppsDataPageAbout.pdf (40.6 KB)

you need to post your question to an appropriate webMethods forum, such as webMethods > Integration & ESB where webMethods users can assist you.