Duplicate processes

Consultation process can be duplicated so that both are ready for parallel execution? that way you can make?

Apologies…it is not clear what you are asking. Are you attempting to start multiple Natural processes in parallel? If so, please indicate what platform and versions you are attempting this from. (If not, please describe your application and question in more detail.)

I appreciate the response and define in more detail my question. I have a process with several tasks, and I need to back this and only change the measurement parameters in these two processes differ. The idea is that both can run indifferently without problems, as parallel. You can duplicate processes?
Deputy description WM version and platform.
Descripcion_WmRoot_server-environment.pdf (39.3 KB)
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you need to post your question to an appropriate webMethods forum, such as webMethods > Integration & ESB where webMethods users can assist you.