NATURAL GDA in a workplace


How is it possible to use global variables in a workplace’s options, ie natural programs share the same global in distinct options in the menu area of a workplace.


I am not sure what you want to do. I think you may be trying to share a GDA between different jobs. If so, they will be working with their own private copy of the GDA, not a shared copy. Please clarify what you are trying to do.

We would like to use a single GDA for all workplace component as we would do on a Natural mainframe system. Is this possible?


Can the executions of programs “NATURAL” in the “FUNCTIONS” frame share the same “GDA”?

Example: The library (LIB) contains a global (GDA1) and two programs (PRG1 and PRG2), these programs are executed by different options in the “FUNCTIONS” frame.

How should I make programs share the global “GDA1” variables?