E-mail from a Natural for Ajax application

Is there a way to send an e-mail from a Natural for Ajax application, pretty much in the same way the Java Mail API does for Java applications?

What platform is NJX running on ?

Right now, for development, I’m using Windows 7 for Natural One with a Natural server set up on a Linux server (unfortunately, I don’t know what it’s distribution/version). The system, once ready, will be deployed on another Linux server and, again, I don’t know its distro/version.

Sorry for the lack of information, I hope this is enough to at least give me some directions.

I don’t know of a way yet either, at the moment, we just fire up a batch process and send using a mainframe add on -


Yes, Trentan, I knew it was possible this way, but I was looking for other options. Thanks, though, for your help.