MWS Roles - Which LDAP Option is best?

I’m hoping someone can help me with the following:

Scenario:- I would like all the members of a specific Active Directory Group to be assigned with the ‘My webMethods Users’ Role. Central Users management has already been successfully configured using LDAP.

I can see three potential options for doing this…

1 - Add Active Directory group directly as a member of the ‘My webMethods Users’ Role


2a - Create new Static Role that contains the Active Directory group as the only member
2b - Add the new Static Role as a member of the ‘My webMethods Users’ Role


3a - Create new LDAP Query Role that returns all members of the Active Directory group
3b - Add the new LDAP Query Role as a member of the ‘My webMethods Users’ Role

Please could someone help me understand the differences (pros and cons) of each of these options… assuming I have understood them correctly!

Thank you.

Hi Tim,

you should check with your LDAP Administration Team which options are allowed on the LDAP Server.
You should consider the amount of through put data for each of these options.

Can you check the MWS Administrators Guide to see what it is documented there regardin this feature.


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