Unable to add central group/role to the ACL in IS admin

hi Team,

Unable to add central group/role to the ACL in IS admin. When I select central provider, it’s not showing any group or role. Please assist me.



Please share your wM version, environment, fix levels and screen shots if possible.


Hi Karthik,

when switching from local to central provider for search you have to perform the search explicitly.

It is not done automatically when choosing the provider in the list box.

Additionally make sure you have configured the JDBC Pool for CentralUsers to point to the correct MWS database schema and MWS has been started at least once after installation.


Thanks Holger for the reply.

Yes I did search explicitly but none of the user/roles were listed.

I see I missed the JDBC pool settings for central users to point MWS DB schema. I’ll do that and let you know.

Thanks you very much for your answer. Much appreciated!