Adding User to MWS doesn't reflect on IS

Hi All,

I have the following problem. I setup a group on MWS for the devs currently working on the platform, then i added the group in each IS where developers needs to work on (something like 12 Integration servers). Now our group of developers is growing up and i want to add new users to the group in MWS and i want the new user to be able to log in the IS as well as a developer. The problem is that i think that central users management has some sort of caching mechanism (which i don’t understand at all) and i need to restart the IS each time i add a new developer to the group. Since we have the same structure on PRD environment i would like to avoid to restart IS in prod as well does anyone knows if there’s a way to clear the cache of Central User JDBC pool.

I tried restarting the JDBC pool and it doesnt’ work. We are working on 10.3 but i saw same problems happens with 10.11

Hi Pasquale,

this has something to do how users are synchronized between MWS and IS.
In earlier versions (up to wM 9.12) it could be configured in MWS which JMS-Provider (DB or UM) should be used for this.
But from wM 10.x the option to configure it via UI has been removed.

The following Thread is dealing with a similar question:

This thread also contains a link to the online documentation.


For what it’s worth, one thing that helped is this IS setting:

Settings > Messaging > JNDI Settings > JNDI Provider Alias
Provider URL=nsps://<HOSTNAME>:6849

Here, the HOSTNAME was using a DNS alias (DNS friendly name) to our UM server. When we changed HOSTNAME to the ‘proper’ hostname of our UM server, the problem having to restart IS after adding MWS users got resolved.

SAG support discovered this workaroung. It fixed the issue on one environment (but not the other). I haven’t progressed it, but hope it helps you.

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