Scheduled Event - Repeat for only 12 hours duration?

How do I configure a Scheduled Event to repeat every 10 minutes for only 12 hours?

In other words, I don’t want the repeating task to run for a full 24 hours.


It’s a good requirement but as per my knowledge wM schedulers do not support it. I assume you must write a custom logic. Have a look at the table IS_USER_TASKS to see if this helps you. Share if you find some way out.

Looks like a feature request in SAG Empower Brainstorm.


this looks like a job for the repeating scheduler task.

provide start day as TODAY, provide start time as NOW
provide end day as TODAY or TODAY+1day (needs to check if the day changes in the upcoming 12 hours)
provide end time as NOW+12hours
provide interval as 600 seconds

You can replace TODAY and NOW with any value you need if the schedule should not start right now.

Take a look at the Built-In-Services Guide for services like pub.scheduler:* or pub.task:*.


This will only run for 1 day Holger or am I missing something?

Hi Brad,

this will run the selected service for 12 hours with a 10 minutes intervall and after that the scheduler will be removed.

If you need this scenario multiple times you will need a second scheduler which creates the first one with the respective settings on a regular basis.


While our 24-hour repeating tasks are working OK, looking closer at the “Daily” Schedule, could I choose all 120 options to get the result? 12 hours x each 10 minute block?


Hi Brad,

the configuration shown in the screenshot will run the schedule at 09.10 o´clock, 10:10 o´clock and so on.

The value shown under Minutes is the off set to the value shown under Hours forming a valid time, but not a duration or intervall.


Hi Brad,

Try scheduling the Scheduled event as below:

Months January…December
Days 1…31
Days of Week Sunday…Saturday
Hours 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11
Minutes 0, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50