User Task Date/Time event fires too soon

Hey everybody,

I have a User Task which needs to autocomplete on a certain date. This works fine but when I have a task waiting in queue with a date somewhere in the future, and I queue a new task with today’s date both of them get completed.

Following image shows how I configured this event:

There are no conditions set, Action is just 'Complete Task

Does anyone know why this happens or how I can solve this?

If something is still unclear please don’t hesitate to ask.

With kind regards

Or can I use a string variable for the Start date? If so, what format should the date be in?

Could someone please answer because time is running short for this project and it’s one of the final steps that need to be completed. :s

Kind regards


I have managed to create what I need without a Date/Time event by creating a Scheduling Service which does all the required action. I know this is not how it’s supposed to be done so if anyone has a solution I’d be glad to hear from you.