WF Designer 46 timer timeout

Hi everybody,

how can I add timings to a workflow task? E.g. how can I implement, that a certain task must be completed within 2 days. If not completed within this time, another task (e.g. a notification) has to be executed. I know that theres a timer, but I think this one is only to retard execution of the workflow. Am I right with this?

Hi Michael,

You can use the timer component to do just that. The way you do it is to start the timer in parallel with the task you are executing. You then wire the complete outgate of the timer to the “Stop” function of your task. You can then wire the “Stopped” outgate of the task to the “Start” ingate of your notification.

The result will be a timed task with a compensating event upon timeout.

Hope this helps!

Josh Abrams
webMethods System Engineer