Timer based Task routing


We are working on webMethods 7.1.2. How can we achive time based task routing?

For ex: If a task is not accepted by a user for '“n” number of minutes then TE has to route the task to another user automatically.

Any ideas? I don’t see any Timer control as in previous versions of Workflow …

First, in the Task Editor, go to the Assignment tab and define an assignment. Add the required user/role for the assignment, and set its assignment options to “Execute from Re-assign action event only”.
Then go to the Events tab, add a new event and set its “Event Type” to be “Date/Type Event”. Configure its offsets and add a Re-assign action to it, selecting the previously created assignment.

Hope this helps,

Many Thanks Javier!, It worked as expected.

I added a condition in the event as follows in order to check whether other user has accepted that task or not.

If “last Accepted user” is empty. That means, if no user has accepted the task, then trigger the rule after 2 mins which will re-assign or route the task to another user.

I tested both scenarios. User 1 accepted the task; the rule never triggered. User 1 did not accept the task; Rule triggered, task was routed to User 2.

This is what exactly i wanted to implement for my case.

Thanks again for quick response.