wmDB is not shownup in Adapters

wmDB is not shownup in Adapters and also clicking on hompage of wmDB is also not working in webM 9.5 HP-UX

Also startup service wm.server.db:startup is throwing null pointer exception and attached is the screen shot.

we can’t use Jdbc adatper due to time constraints and can you suggest how to make it work

Some how wmDB in local webM 9.5 installation in windows environment is working fine.

Vijay-- I feel your installation is not done properly also, while in the installation process what all adapters did you select to install. Also, please share installation logs for more information for us to better suggest.


Hi Vijay,

can you explain what do you mean by time constraints?

Are there any Fixes applied (IS_Core, WmDB)?

Are there any other messages in the server.log (i.e. indicating corrupted config files) during startup of IS?

Usually using WmJDBCAdapter is preferred over using WmDB due to handling issues.


Hi There,

Give a try for WmDB connections,

A) Shutdown IS.
B) Take a backup of jdbc.cnf from /packages/WmDB/config
C) Delete this file and restart IS

Please note this will help to get around the NullPointer Exception and the WmDB link will be available under the Adapters menu on IS, but you may need to create the wmdb connections/aliases.

Vijay – Any progress on this error. Please let us know status on this.