webMethods version 9.12 how to use JDK1.7

Hi everyone,

I was using webMethods version 9.12 , the JDK installed at the same time I installed Integration Server
is version 1.8. How should I configure to use JDK1.7?

I have installed the JDK1.7and set wrapper.java.command=C:\SoftwareAG\jvm\JDK1.7\bin\java(wrapper.conf file), but it didn’t work.

Who can give me some suggestions?

Note: Before changing the default JVM used by Integration Server, make sure the intended target version of JVM is supported by the Integration Server. Review the System Requirements guide for more details.

  • Create a backup of the current wrapper.conf file located at \profiles\IS_default\configuration\wrapper.conf)

  • Modify wrapper.conf to point to that JVM installation by setting the property wrapper.java.command


  • Save the wrapper.conf file and restart Integration Server

Important: Do not modify the contents of wrapper.conf file unless asked to do so by Software AG.

Source: Specifying the JDK or JRE for Integration Server from 9-12_Integration_Server_Administrators_Guide.pdf

Hi M@he$h,

Thanks for your reply.

I have seen what you said, and I have configured the property as the Guide says, but it didn’t work,It was still JDK1.8.

Where should I see the webMethods 9.12 supports JDK1.7?

Hi Jenny,

usually the IntegrationServers only works with the jvm version provided by SAG during installation or newer provided builds locally by your system.
If newer JVMs (i.e. Java 9 in this case) will be supported is not guaranteed.
There will be an appropriate Java package available in UpdateManager when this is the case.

Downgrading the JVM is usually not possible and should result in some sort of “Unsupported ClassFIleVersion”:

May I ask for your requirement to use Java 7 with IS 9.12?

Anything compiled with Java 7 and before should be still working in Java 8 but not vice versa as long as the Java Compiler was not informed to take care of this ("-target 1.7").


Hi Holger,

Thanks for your reply.

I want to use JDBC-ODBC bridge to connect informix DB ,I find the WmDB Guide said that If I am using the Oracle JRE, the JDBC-ODBC bridge driver is sun.jdbc.odbc.JdbcOdbcDriver,but JDK 1.8 don’t support it,so I want to use Java 7 with IS 9.12.

Don’t you think if WM912 cannot use JDK1.7, what the WmDB guide said is a contradiction.

Have you reviewed JDBC Adapter User Guide for integrating with Informix DB.

Hi Jenny,

intead of using the JDBC-ODBC Bridge you can use a direct JDBC driver:

It is available from IBM donwload section:

As this is pure Java it should work with Java 1.8 as well.


Hi Mahesh,Holger,

Sorry for the late reply. Thank you for your help.