Windows Upgrade

We are in the Process of Upgrading our development systems from Windows XP to Windows 7, and are running an older version of the Tamino XML server 4.4, I’m sure when we move we will have to migrate some files from XP to the new Machines to get them to run correctly, but did not know if there was a List of any changes that may be needed, or since the version is so old, that we will have to figure it out on our own. GRIN

Thanks in Advance for any Knowledge you have!

Tamino v4.4 won’t work under Windows 7, you will need to install version 8.2.

do you know why it would not?.. even if it has to run in a Virtual XP session, Windows 7 seems to support all the things we have tested so far that used to run on XP, we have had to flip some options though to enable some functions that are not on by Default in the base install of Windows 7 Enterprise.

Assuming the Windows service all start ok under Windows 7, when Tamino starts it will check the OS against the license file. Since the license file is for XP and not Windows 7 it won’t allow the database to start and will give you an error to say the license file is not valid.

You cannot edit the license file, it is tamper proof.

You cannot get a Tamino 4.4 license key for Windows 7 as it was never available. It is out of support anyway so you will need to upgrade to Tamino 8.2 and this version now formally available for Windows 7 (both 32 bit and 64 bit).

It is possible to run XP in a Virtual Machine under Windows 7 and run Tamino there. But it is still out of support and therefore the recommendation to upgrade still applies.