Should XML Starter Kit 2.3.1 work with Windows XP Profession

Thanks for the info.

I would be inclined to say that it probably will not work with XP. The license key is very specific about the O/S that are supported.

I could be wrong!


I installed it on a Notebook with Win XP Homeedition. (But i think the Apache-Version which come with the Starterkit does not work! Use the newer one from the apache homepage)

The Tamino Database works fine (instead of an Installation Error reporting STR-Error - ignored pressing the “ok-button”).
Till now i have only some unresolved Problems with the JServ-Extensions Apache after they where changed to work with the realestate-demo database.
(The Database itself is running pretty good but the GUI will not work properly till now, but i think that is not a problem with XP!)


All Problems solved.

Use newest Apache/Jserv Files, change the Configuration manually. (Description found in \windows\arg\ install.txt / readme.txt on StarterKit CD).

Since it works with an HomeEdition it should also work with a professional Version!

If you encounter any problems, feel free to contact me.


Did you install or test the new version of tamino(3.1) on windows xp?
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with the next Tamino 3.1 patchlevel, Windows XP will be an offical platform for the Tamino Server. The shipping is scheduled for the end of this month.

Hi Uli, thank for the news. We will test it when it ready