Install -problem - "STR_ERROR_UNKNOWN - entry not found"


I’m having trouble installing Tamino. After the installer has confirmed that I haven’t got the System Management Hub installed, I click “Next” and get the following error message in a popup window :

“STR_ERROR_UNKNOWN - entry not found in the string table”. When I click OK to this, I get a tiny alert box with the topic “SEVERE” and an OK button.

What might be wrong? I’m running Windows XP and IIS.


Tamino is currently not supported for Windows XP.

What are the plans for supporting XP in the future?

Currently there has been nothing formally announced for Windows XP but I have heard that there could be something by the end of 1Q02 but this is not definite.

Kind regards,
Stuart Fyffe-Collins
Software AG (UK)

Did you try to press the OK button!?

I installed Tamino (2.x, Starterkit I) on a Win XP (in addition to that a normal “home edition” on a 256MB Notebook) and it works fine if you ignore the STR-Installationerror…
Think the Starterkit II will also work and the product-releases are very similar.