Instalation failed: Internal error!

I tried to install Tamino 4.1.4 (XML Starter Kit) on Windows 2000 Professional. Instalation goes well until it tries to install System Management Hub. Then, an error occures: Internal error, Error number: 0x80040705. On the next dialog (when I press OK), the following is written: 1628: Failed to complete instalation. Does anyone knows what seems to be the problem?

Could you please try one of these options to work around the problem:
1) Edit the file “/system32/Drivers/etc/services” and replace all TAB characters with blanks.
Save the file and restart setup.

Alternately, you can
2) - Move “/system32/drivers/etc/services” somewhere else (or rename it)
- Install Tamino
- Move “/system32/drivers/etc/services” back(or re-rename it back)