Installation Error of Tamino 4.1.1 on Windows XP Pro


After I launched Tamino 4.1.1 setup on Windows XP Pro, it generates an error:
String accessed out of bounds.

Setup will now terminate.

I disabled virus protection software and have Apache service ready too.


The problem strangely may be that in the services file (%WINDIR%\system32\drivers\etc\services) may contain tab characters. Try replacing these tab characters with spaces and restarting the installation.

I tried to replace all TABs in the service file, however the same error happens.


Try to check the account under which you are doing the installation. The username might not be Tamino-compliant…a username such as “X Y” might not work for Tamino…better have it like this “XY”


Fady Kaddoum

But I use the name xyz. It’s really strange. I will try on Win2K.

It works on Win2K, but not on WinXP Pro.
I am really sad.