Tamino 4.1 and Windows Server 2003


Is there any word on installation/ compatability issues with Tamino 4.1 and Windows Server 2003? I haven’t been able to find a peep this site or the forums…

I have already tried to install Tamino 4.1 on a Win2K3 standard machine (through the installation GUI) and didn’t get very far. I received a “wizard was interrputed” error during “Setup is checking your system now”.

Not very encouraging…



Hello Mark,

Currently Tamino is not supported on Windows 2003. I am not aware of any timescales in which Tamino will be made available for this o/s.

Hope this helps.

Stuart Fyffe-Collins
Software AG (UK) Ltd.

Hello Mark,

here is the plan on Win2k3:

We plan to release the next Tamino Version, the official version codename: Paris (roadmap for the release is Q.2 2004), on Windows Server 2003 platforms (Windows Server 2003 / Standard Edition and Enterprise Edition).

Nevertheless in case of a really urgent business case, you can escalate the case to CSC (official Support Center) and we will provide you with the necessary license file and a cook-book on “how to install the current version of Tamino V”, after testing here in R&D QE has been finished (planned around Sept. 2003 - no official release! ).

So the current release does not support win2k3. The next release in Q2/2004 will support win2k3. In the meantime, in urgent cases our support can provide information on a workaround to get the current Version of Tamino running on win2k3. You should only go this road if there are no alternatives (e.g. using winXP), as there is no official support for win2k3).



Tamino Product Management