Cannot install on a Windows 2003 Server

I just downloaded the 30-day trial version of Tamino and when I ran the setup on a Windows 2003 Server, it said that it was exiting the program. Please help.

Hi vvenk, According to the docu for the XML Starter kit, it only runs on the following Windows platforms: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For the installation of Tamino, the following software requirements apply: for Windows Windows 2000 Professional and Server (with service pack 2) Windows XP Professional Windows XP Home (only for XML Starter Kit! Production versions of Tamino are not available on Windows XP Home) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You need Tamino v4.2.1 for Windows 2003, which is not available as a 'Starter kit".

Can I get a copy for evaluation? If possible, what is the procedure?

Contact Software AG. Use the following link to get started: [url][/url]

Hi Venki, where are you located at? You should contact your nearest Software AG representative in order to receive the test license. Greetings -= Frank =-