Welcome to Hecktoberfest

For the month of October we are giving you the opportunity to post things that made your head tilt sideways wondering: “What the Heck?” Why is this like that? We would like to collect these, hopefully solve/clarify some of them or put them into our development pipeline. If it is a bug, please open a support ticket. Check out Dave_Pemberton’s excellent Hecktoberfest: A Month to Voice Your Thoughts blog post with more background to it!

How to post a WTH (Heck)?

Simply visit Hecktoberfest - Software AG Tech Community & Forums and click the “+New topic” button image

  • Ideally start your post with WTH: …
  • Provide a catchy title and details about your heck.
  • Please add relevant product tags.

How to vote on a Heck?

You do see how many votes a thread got. There is also a lovely feature to sort the threads by votes! So you can easily find the top voted on threads in the Hecktoberfest Forum forum :slight_smile:

But why oh why are they not allowing to vote on a thread on the main page?

The concern is, that you are voting on threads, that you haven’t even read. You should have at least clicked into a thread to be allowed to vote on it. They may have a point. I am on the fence on it. Ideally you should be able to vote on the main page all the threads that you have visited already :slight_smile:

Once in a post/thread here is where you vote:

How to not miss new ideas?

If you are like me and don’t want to miss any of the posts, discussions, and collaborations in this Hecktoberfest Forum, you may want to subscribe to the the category! The subscribe button is next to the New Topic one on the top right! Select “Watching” to get an email for each new topic AND reply, or “Watching First Post” only for new topics.

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