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For the month of October we are giving you the opportunity to post things that made your head tilt sideways wondering: “What the Heck?” Why is this like that? We would like to collect these, hopefully solve/clarify some of them or put them into our development pipeline. If it is a bug, please open a support ticket. Check out @Dave_Pemberton’s excellent Hecktoberfest - One Month, Your Voice, Your Thoughts! blog post with more background to it!

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I like that you can dial in how close you want to track it!

WTH: Is Discourse (our community platform) not allowing to vote on the overview page?
You do see how many votes a thread got. There is also a lovely feature to sort the threads by votes! So you can easily find the top voted on threads in the Hecktoberfest Forum forum :slight_smile:

But why oh why are they not allowing to vote on a thread on the main page?
It has even been suggested in a thread from 2016: Suggestion: display vote/like counter in main page - feature - Discourse Meta

The concern is, that you are voting on threads, that you haven’t even read. You should have at least clicked into a thread to be allowed to vote on it. They may have a point. I am on the fence on it. Ideally you should be able to vote on the main page all the threads that you have visited already :slight_smile:

Once in a post/thread here is where you vote: