Hecktoberfest: A Month to Voice Your Thoughts


It’s October and we ask you once again to share your opinions, concerns, and innovative ideas. That’s why Hecktoberfest was born - a month-long initiative dedicated to amplifying the voice of Software AG community members.

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Promoting Open Dialogues:

Hecktoberfest lets community members participate actively and express their thoughts on various topics. Whether you are an experienced professional, a tech enthusiast, or a curious beginner, your voice matters, and we can’t wait to hear it.

What the heck are “Hecks”?

Rules for Hecktoberfest:

  • Post your “Hecks” in the Hecktoberfest section.
  • Please be polite, respectful, and constructive.
  • Raise bugs or support incidents in the Support Forum or Empower, not within the Hecktoberfest section.
  • Remember to state the product name in your “What the Heck” post clearly, so that we can identify and relate this.
  • Feature requests should be submitted via the official Ideas Portal, but are welcome to be discussed and shared.
  • Software AG employees, please refrain from posting a “What the Heck” in the Tech Community, but please do take part in any discussions! This is an opportunity to give a voice to customers, and members of our community to share.

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Can’t believe it is Hecktoberfest again already. Where did the year go?


Congrats, time flies quickly…