WebSphere MQ Adapter encoding setting


I have a question regarding encoding setup for the MQ connection with the WebSphere MQ Adapter.

The default configuration is “00273 - Native”. The problem we are getting is that we are trying to send via MQ Slovakian special characters and some characters are lost in the transfer.

For example, we are sending the “ž” character. Before sending. the character code is correct and has the value “C5BE” (as per “Latin-1 Supplement” or “Latin Extended-A” character code set). After the MQ message is received and processed, the character code is “3F”.

We have checked the processing on both sides of the MQ and could not find any fault.

The question I have is where can I find more information about the MQ Encoding settings? I looked up the SAG documentation but that did not help (maybe I was looking in the wrong place - WebSphere_MQ_Adapter_Users_Guide.pdf)

Or, ideally, which MQ encoding setting should I use?

Thank you.

Hi *,

After checking with SAG support, it turns our the problem was not the configuration, but the implementation.

In our scenario, the IS string variable which held the text with the special characters was mapped directly to the msgBody of the MQ adapter. This way, the encoding was no controlled by us.

The problem was solved by adding a stringToBytes service prior to the mapping to the msgBody, where we could provide the encoding.